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Travel Story

Iceland is the kind of place where you could easily spend weeks and be in complete awe of its beauty. It was the perfect pick for our honeymoon! Given the recent spike in tourism in Iceland, make sure you visit this surprising island before it gets too commercialized

The otherworldly feeling...


You board a 6-hour flight from New York, knowing you will be landing on this beautiful volcanic island that you've heard so much about. But as soon as you get there, within just 20 miles of driving in, you realize that every attempt made at describing this majestic land falls short of truly describing the 'otherworldly' feeling it consumes you with. Iceland captivates you, leaving you feeling truly wowed. The incredible palette of natural earthen colors, the contrasting landscapes, the sheer rawness of this sculpted land of lava and ice is both energizing & exhausting! No place on Earth seems so alien, but also perhaps no place puts on such a dramatic showcase of what Nature is all about.


We were left amazed at how much this country has to offer!

   ✔  Chasing & witnessing the Northern Lights at 3am

   ✔  Snorkeling between the North American & Eurasian continental tectonic plates

   ✔  In-water massage at Blue Lagoon - a geothermal spa 

   ✔  Cocktails at ION Northern Lights Bar - a remote setting against the backdrop of windswept lava fields

   ✔  Sipping wine in the middle of nowhere in an outdoor jacuzzi on a starry night

   ✔  1500km of driving through geysers, black beaches, waterfalls & floating icebergs

   ✔  Awesome getaway with hubby



And all of this is just a fraction of things to do & see. Iceland MUST be on every travel enthusiast's bucket list!

Snorkeling at Silfra
Snorkeling at Silfra
Golden Circle
On our way to Golden Circle
Who needs neighbors?
Moss-covered green volcanic fields
Blue lagoon!
Fine dining in bathrobes
Ring Road 1
Gullfoss waterfall
Seljalandsfoss waterfall
Hotel Ranga
Dinner time
Ring Road 1
Hotel Ion
Cocktails at Ion Bar
Spectacular northern lights!
On our way to Golden Circle
Mornings at Hotel Ion
Mornings at Hotel Ion
geyser Strokkur
Hot springs at Golden Circle
Gulfoss waterfall
Near Seljalandsfoss waterfall
Hallgrímskirkja church, ReyKavik



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