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Have a long weekend to spare and thinking about where to go for a short trip? Being on the east coast, a trip to Montreal is a no-brainer and a must visit to understand why the whole world loves Canadians! Here’s a 4 day itinerary for a quick trip across the border.


4 Days







Day 1 - Arrival in Montreal

  • Check-in at W Montréal Hotel which is close to Old Town, Montreal

  • Head to Bota Bota for a perfect way to spend a relaxing spa day

  • Dinner at Europea restaurant - This is a multiple course meal and a good experience of molecular gastronomy fine dining

  • Late night drinks at Wunderbar in the W Hotel

Day 2 - Old Town & Street Art

Day 3 - Quebec City & Montmorency Falls

Day 4 - Departure from Montreal

  • Check-out and drive back to Montreal

  • Check out Buckminster Fuller’s Biosphère musuem

  • If time permits, check out the jet boating - We didn't get time but looks fun!

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