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If you think of countries as teenagers attending the school of life, Norway would be the most envied kid on the block. An obedient role-model that...


A short 45 minute flight on a micro light plane transferred us from the capital city of Nairobi to the endless plains of Masai Mara. As soon as we set foot on...


One thing that stands out is Montreal's graffiti culture and the openness to all forms of art. You can skip museums and art galleries and...


One World Many Wonders is a personal chronicle of our travel experiences. Every trip has its "wow moments" coupled with instances of rare insight and learning. One World Many Wonders is an attempt to capture the unique impression and the sense of wonderment that each new place imprints upon us.

To the readers who have stumbled upon this site, knowingly or unknowingly, we hope our travel stories serve as a tiny dose of inspiration and pique your interest to find out more or actually make you go there! The primary purpose of... Read More

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Travel Stories

Our travel stories are short blogs on amazing things we experienced in a new city or country


Planning a trip can be a daunting exercise and we hope our itineraries give you a starting point

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The quote ‘I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list’ best sums up the never-ending itch to experience new things

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